Formissional Roundtable

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How do you become a formissional leader?


Formissional Roundtables provide an opportunity for pastors and leaders to explore the concepts of formissional leadership in community with others. What defines a formissional leader? It is a person who understands that God has a two-fold call on their lives; it is one who understands that God calls us to both being and doing, to loving and serving, to deep spiritual formation and mission. The key is to order and balance these two callings, keeping the first calling first, and the second calling second. When we do, our deep, intimate love-relationship with Jesus provides the foundation and the fuel for joining him in his work.


Each two and a half-day roundtable will revolve around three questions:

  • How do we live a formissional life?
  • How do we lead formissionally?
  • How do we grow formissional churches?


With a limit of 20 participants, each Roundtable will be a place for leaders to learn from one another in a discussion facilitated by Pastor Mark Warner, the Director of Vineyard Pilgrimage, and Dr. Tom Ashbrook, an author and spiritual formation coach with Imago Christi. Online follow-up conversations will provide ways to support one another, and explore the daily practicalities of these three transformational, reorienting topics. And additional ongoing opportunities will also be offered, for those who feel called to continue this journey together.


The Formissional Roundtable experience represents a desire and commitment to live a formissional life, to find loving intimacy with Christ, to lead based on God’s love for others, and to become a conduit of God’s love for the world. The experience is an opportunity to explore the formissional life with others, in collaborative and supportive community. We hope you’ll join us! Register soon, as space is limited.


For more information, click here. Dr. Tom Ashbrook will contact you directly. Registrants will receive a free, signed, copy of Tom’s latest book, Contagious Fire.

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