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The Formissional Life

“…I am in labor until Christ is formed in you.” (Galatians 4:19)

God has a two-fold call on our lives as followers of Jesus. He calls us to both being and doing, loving and serving, deep spiritual formation and mission. In other words, we have a first-order calling and a second-order calling.

First Order Calling

Jesus invites us into a love relationship with God, rooted in God’s love for us, enabling us to love him in reply. This love relationship is the foundation of the Christian life.

Second Order Calling

Jesus then calls us to join him in his work, saying the words and doing the works of Jesus, loving others as we ourselves are loved.

Pilgrimage's Goal

Our aim is to order these two callings --- to put the first calling first and the second calling second --- helping people go deep in their love relationship with Jesus so they can go wide, joining him in his work.

Life With God: A Journey Of Relationship

From our partners at Grafted Life Ministries, Life With God is a comprehensive 1-3 year study series for small groups that lays a foundation for a lifetime of relationship with God.
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An Invitation

The Pilgrimage is not a program. It’s not a curriculum or set of resources. It may include those things but it’s meant to be so much more. Do you, as a pastor or leader, want to learn to live fully and freely in God’s love, discover your true identity in Christ and engage in authentic spiritual community? Consider the following opportunities.

Pilgrim Discovery

A three-day, spiritual formation accelerator for pastors and leaders.

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Formissional Roundtable

A gathering of like-minded pastors and leaders devoted to pursuing the Formissional Life and leading Formissional Churches.

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Pilgrim Community

A peer-to-peer opportunity to cultivate spiritual friendships focused on the care of the soul.

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